Wellness Programs & Clinics

Implementation of a Comprehensive Wellness Program

At Gehring Group, we believe in the education and involvement of employers concerning their organization’s benefit program. This interaction leads to high morale, and often serves to improve the health of its members. As part of this philosophy, we believe in assisting our clients with developing comprehensive, results oriented and effective wellness programs that not only help control rising health care costs, but also will help increase employee productivity, morale and retention.

Gehring Group can customize a solution that can be as simple as a monthly newsletter, to the implementation of a complete wellness program that will encompass the health and wellness needs of your organization. Our Wellness Team currently sits on multiple wellness committees assisting with development of strong worksite wellness programs. At Gehring Group, we can help maximize the health and productivity of your workforce and can help reduce unnecessary lifestyle health care claims, prevent future illnesses and injuries. Overall, this can improve employee productivity, loyalty and morale.

Wellness Programs as a Cost Reduction Strategy

Wellness programs have become a great solution in employer efforts to tackle the rising cost of employee benefits programs. Numerous carriers provide reward programs for wellness activities and provide educational materials and self-care tools for those with chronic illnesses. Another consideration is to implement a comprehensive wellness program through an independent wellness vendor. This type of program includes annual health risk assessments and biometric screenings with optional follow-up programs for those identified to be in specific high risk categories. The primary purpose of this program is to help participants understand their risks for preventable chronic diseases and provide them with tools to help them achieve the success in improving their health risks. To complement the efforts of the wellness program, companies can implement a smoke-free workplace with premium surcharges for employees who use tobacco products and discontinued hiring smokers altogether. In addition, companies can implement added fitness equipment at various worksites and incentives for health risk improvements.

These efforts can reduce the company’s overall claims loss ratio and the consistency of the average claims per head. While many groups continue to struggle with the effects of medical inflation on the costs of their employees’ medical care, Gehring Group can provide a solution to reduce renewal increases and claims.

Wellness Solutions Include:

  • Client Branding & Wellness Development
  • Setting Goals & Objectives
  • Health Fairs & Biometric Screening Events
  • Disease Management Programs
  • Setting Timelines
  • Coordination & Implementation
  • Employee Interest Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Educational Programs
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Health & Wellness Newsletters
  • Budgeting of Wellness Dollars
  • Evaluation & Analysis
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Immunization Programs
  • Stress Reduction Programs

On-Site Health Clinics

Gehring Group also assists our clients in the decision of whether to open an on-site health clinic. The first step is to conduct a feasibility analysis to determine if our clients can take advantage of the potential cost saving benefits of opening an on-site or near-site clinic. By shifting costs from the medical plan to the clinics, many groups have been better able to manage specific areas of claims costs, while providing additional access to medical care to their employees. Gehring Group has experience in conducting the bid process to determine which clinic provider and clinic model would best meet the needs of our clients, and in addition, is available to oversee the implementation process once a decision has been made.