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Gehring Group is a well respected, forward thinking consultant group that specializes in Employee Group Benefits and Risk Management Services. Since its founding by Kurt Gehring in 1992, the company’s guiding principle has been addressing the needs and goals of public sector entities, businesses, industries, and labor and professional organizations.

When designing and servicing insurance programs, each client’s particular needs, circumstances and budget are considered. Gehring Group recognizes that benefits programs are not one-size-fits-all, and that ongoing communication is a key to any successful program. That’s why Gehring Group employs a service-centered approach, providing unparalleled expertise and services for Employee Benefits and Risk Management for more than 25 years.

Gehring Group’s goal is for our clients to realize the real dollar savings and experience greater employee satisfaction through increased communication and availability of benefits information. Our clients have placed their trust in us and rely on our unparalleled expertise in consulting on the largest cost component of their employee benefits insurance program.

Our Headquarters

Gehring Group is headquartered in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with satellite offices throughout the state, enabling us to provide solutions to all insurance markets. We are an accomplished brokerage and consulting agency offering a full array of Employee Benefits and Risk Management broker/consulting services, actuarial services, claims data analysis, plan administration, legislative, compliance and custom communication services. We represent all carriers and hold no interest or ownership in any insurer or TPA, emphasizing our independent status and further supporting our mission to provide best in class services.

Strategic Alliances

Gehring Group works hard to deliver an unparalleled level of client service and industry expertise in an ever-changing industry. Through the years, this in-depth industry knowledge has lent itself to the development of key relationships with other entities, creating a working dynamic that plays the strengths of each party, which in turn, creates better solutions for our clients.

These partnerships include groups like BenTek, an easy-to-use online benefits enrollment and administration system that streamlines new hires and the annual open enrollment process with a completely paperless enrollment solution. In addition, BenTek provides an Employee Benefit Center with year-round administration. Thanks to partnerships like these, Gehring Group can provide technology solutions beyond our competitors while simultaneously saving your company money, time and frustration.

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