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Our communities rely on the public sector.  The public sector relies on Gehring Group.

When it comes to Employee Benefits, exceptional service is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing transparent, relationship-focused expertise that ensures every resolution and recommendation made to our clients is dedicated to growing, maintaining and monitoring their success.  


Program Design & Implementation

We're There. We Execute. We Educate. We're Transparent.

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Program Design & Implementation

Partnering with Gehring Group means you gain a flexible, year-round team dedicated to meeting objectives and timelines. We work as expert advocates on your behalf, designing custom Employee Benefit [DS1] solutions to address your specific needs, along with supportive, easy-to-understand educational materials. [DS2] We also know that sometimes needs change, which is why we provide ongoing strategic evaluations to ensure your solutions are always aligned with your goals and challenges.


Client Experience

Deep Bench. Warm Reception. We Listen.

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Client Experience

Our client development team does not work on commission, and you’ll never be faced with a “hard sell.” When we say we’re a family-oriented company, that extends to our clients too. Every Gehring Group client is assigned a passionate service team that is committed to excellence and dedicated to supporting their goals by listening with intent and acting with integrity.


Innovative Solutions

Blaze a Trail. Challenge the Norm. ROI.

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Innovative Solutions

We did not build our decades of experience by following the status quo, but rather by confronting it head-on. Our success hinges on yours, which is why we remain steadfastly committed to not just supporting your team, but also empowering it. We work toward innovation at every turn, challenging norms, developing new programs and funding methods, and constantly measuring and remeasuring your return on investment.

Industry Experience

Advise you trust.  People you depend on.

Gehring Group has a proven record of accomplishment and a commitment to excellence in our service to the business community. We maintain a strong dedication to remain at the forefront of market trends and legislation, while maintaining our devotion to providing clients with the highest level of service, anticipating and exceeding their needs. We consistently attend conferences, continuing education and seminars in order to remain ahead of the industry. As a top producing broker/consultant, our firm has earned the distinct honor to participate in agent advisory councils of three of the top carriers in the nation.

Independence & Integrity

At Gehring Group, we provide solutions to all insurance and administrative markets. We offer a full array of Employee Benefits brokerage and consulting services, actuarial services, claims data analysis, plan administration, legislative compliance and custom communication services.  We’re fierce advocates for our clients and place great emphasis on making recommendations based on client needs, not by carrier or insurer affiliation. We represent all carriers and hold no interest or ownership in any insurer or TPA.

In keeping with our needs-based approach, we do not limit ourselves with the lines of coverage we bind, and instead find the best fit for your individual circumstances. In that regard, our scope of services is limitless.

Want to know more? Let’s talk. Give us a call to discuss your challenges and opportunities and together we will explore the best products, services and solutions for you and your team.

Our Scope of Services
  • Insurance Brokerage
  • Market Analysis & Recommendations
  • Council, Commission, Board, Union & Committee Presentations
  • Financial & Plan Performance Reviews
  • Technology Assistance & Solutions for Affordable Care Act Reporting
  • On-Site/Off-Site Employee Health Centers
  • Insurance Consulting
  • RFP Development & Submissions
  • Comprehensive Program Implementations
  • Industry Trends & Legislative Updates
  • Insurance & Benefits Technology Design, Customization & Implementation
  • Insurance Administration in the Field of Employee Benefits, Worker's Compensation and Property & Casualty Programs
  • Plan Evaluations & Benchmark Studies
  • Carrier & Third Party Negotiations
  • On-Site Employee Education & Orientations
  • Year-Round Staff and Employee Customer Support Services
  • Administration of Employee Benefit Plans Concerning Insurance

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